Each initiative/action is evaluated according to the following criteria:

Whether and to what extent this specific program-initiative covers a recognized social, environmental, economic or other need and/or the main objective for which it is implemented.

If and to what extent the initiative clearly states that for its planning and implementation, a number of employees or all employees of the Agency are involved, or encourages employee volunteering, or involves in some way the “participants” of the Agency broadly, in the sense of its various stakeholders.

If this program- initiative is implemented for the first time /once or only, or is a program that began in the past and is expected to last in the future or be repeated at regular intervals in the future, thus having a duration and consistency in its application.

Whether this action-initiative is related to the broader business function (core business, main product or services) and mainly to its impact on the wider natural environment and the society in which it operates.

Whether and to what extent this program-initiative has any results or effects on the target audience, for example, in a particular geographical area in which the business operates or its influence on the social group that concerns. At the same time, it is evaluated to what extent it responds adequately to a specific issue that the company wishes to implement/accomplish/cover.

Both the impact and the outcome of an applied initiative should be evaluated in terms of the size and capabilities of a business (capacities & resources).

Whether and to what extent an initiative includes elements of innovation and its level of originality that make it stand out from other similar initiatives.

The level of integration and how well-structured an initiative is according to the way it is designed, and the whole process by which its results are implemented/monitored/evaluated.

Whether and to what extent an initiative-action can be an example to be imitated and inspire other organizations, businesses, or even the target audiences to create new trends and new actions that may arise from this initiative.

Institutions & Associations and Businesses are evaluated on a total of 9 criteria, while Cities & Regions and Society are evaluated on 7 criteria (based on methodology, 4 & 6 criteria are excluded)

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What we do

We shape the agenda of Sustainable Development in Greece
We work closely with all involving parties, BUSINESSES, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, CIVIL SOCIETY
We develop an extended dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders
We contribute to the further development of CSR & Sustainability programs and activities
We promote the best programs and actions that contribute to the Sustainable FUTURE OF GREECE
We contribute to the creation of a sustainability culture in our country
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