is an institution for dialogue, highlighting initiatives that promote Sustainable Development which support the creation of the Greece of tomorrow. It emphasizes on the promotion of a systematic social dialogue, with the aim of creating a broader culture on Sustainable Development issues.

Since its establishment, Bravo initiative, following the international trends of Sustainable Development, has evolved into two axes: the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards and the Bravo Global Goals Awards.

Each year more than 160 Organizations participate with 250 Initiatives, 350 Social Partners and more than 35,000 Active Citizens.

bravo sustainability dialogue and awards


Select the Axis
that your initiative/action complies
with which you want to participate
in the dialogue
and to be highlighted.

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Bravo Global Goals awards


Connect your initiatives
with the
17 Global Goals
of the UN

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The Added Value of Participation & Dialogue


The programs that are developed by
different type of organizations
constitute the basis of
the dialogue process Stakeholders together
with a large group of active citizens
are all informed about the programs.


They are informed about all latest
developments with regards to
sustainable development.
They actively participate in the dialogue process and
contribute to the development of the sustainability programs
that are implemented in our country.

Active Citizens

They are linked to the
large community of BRAVO
and they contribute to the development
of the programs and actions
that are addressed to them.

Become the Protagonists of Sustainable Development!

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