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Bravo is an institution for dialogue, highlighting initiatives that promote Sustainable Development which support the creation of the Greece of tomorrow. It emphasizes on the promotion of a systematic social dialogue, with the aim of creating a platform for exchanging views, information and open consultation, as well as a broader culture on Sustainable Development issues.

Coming 10 years since its establishment, Bravo initiative, following the international trends of Sustainable Development, has evolved into two axes: the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards and the Bravo Global Goals Awards.

Bravo is implemented in partnership with International, European and National actors, developing a systematic map of the maturity and trends of Sustainable Development in Greece.

Each year more than 160 Organizations participate with 250 Initiatives, 350 Social Partners and more than 35,000 Active Citizens.

In order to achieve the change of mindset required to accomplish the Agenda 2030 challenge, QualityNet develops a social dialogue, encouraging the involvement of all Organizations that support Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibility and engaging different stakeholder groups that constitute today’s consumers and tomorrow’s active citizens. The axis on which the dialogue on Sustainable Development issues for the awareness of the wider Greek society is built is the initiatives and actions taken by the participating organizations.

The Bravo institution contributes:

  • to raise awareness and activate the wider Greek society in the areas of Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility.
  • to highlight the best initiatives being implemented in our country that are linked to the wider national goals as well as to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • to promote practices that can be a model for promoting innovation, growth and competitiveness, be replicated and used in wider cases.
  • to the cooperation between the private and public sectors to develop actions that enhance the quality of life.

Via the Bravo institution:

  • the initiatives and actions of the Organizations are being communicated across a wide network of Social Partners and Active Citizens.
  • they are registered at the SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY, the national mechanism for recording all initiatives developed in Greece, forming a network of knowledge and experience exchange.
  • they are linked to the Global Goals
  • the initiatives that stand out are highlighted
  • initiatives are promoted at International and European level, helping to change the image and perception of our country through the actions developed by all organizations.

The main groups of audiences that can participate in Bravo are:

  • Institutions & Associations (Scientific, Business)
  • Business, active in the wider private or public sector
  • Local Government Organizations (Municipalities and Regions)
  • Civil Society (NGOs and Active Citizens Movements)
    School community (primary & secondary education, private and public schools)

Greece, after a long economic and social crisis, is called upon to manage a new reality and to seek a developmental model that will enable it to lay the foundations for a truly Sustainable Economy – Society that can restore and secure the already disturbed social cohesion through a balanced development of the three pillars of Sustainability: Economy – Society – Environment.

The ultimate goal is to create the Greece of tomorrow, a Greece that can offer both a vision and a new perspective on a personal and collective level.
In order to create this Greece, it requires the involvement and cooperation of all the institutional, business and social actors involved, as well as the involvement of all the active nuclei of Greek society in order to create a new way of thinking and acting for a better future.

In this context, all initiatives and programs contributing to Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility, developed by Institutions, Businesses, Local Government Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and the School Community in our country, offer hope to the Greece of “Today” and contribute to the creation of the Greece of “Tomorrow”.

The QualityNet Board of Directors oversees the institution to ensure its validity and is responsible for finalizing the various evaluation committees.

The Scientific Committee of the Institution is responsible for the general methodology of the Institution (categories of distinction, criteria, process of dialogue with the social partners, etc.). The Committee constitutes of accredited experts, representatives of companies, businesses, institutions as well as civil society and local government organizations with training, know-how and experience in development and adoption of policies, Sustainable Development strategies and CSR programs.

The members of the Scientific Committee and the Board of Directors are not involved, directly or indirectly, at any stage of the process of evaluating the initiatives / actions that have been submitted, ensuring that the whole process of the Institution is impeccable. The members of the Scientific Committee voluntarily and probono participate in the whole process.

The Bravo National Dialogue on Sustainable Development is culminating in a multi-stakeholder annual event in which all Sustainable Development stakeholders in our country participate. It includes:

  • the Dialogue on Sustainable Development, involving representatives of Academic, Institutional and Social Bodies, Businesses, Local Government Organizations and Civil Society,
  • the ceremony of highlighting the initiatives that contribute to the creation of the Greece of tomorrow,
  • the annual edition of the Bravo institution report, which is published in the KATHIMERINI newspaper, and is also sent to the QualityNet Network of Responsible Organizations & Active Citizens.

QualityNet Foundation is a non-profit Organisation specialising in Sustainable Development, has been active in the Greek market for the last 20 years and has been working with institutional, business and social actors in our country to promote a sustainable future.

Since 1997 it has been working to promote Sustainable Development issues.

  • Promotes networking & dialogue for sustainability issues with all stakeholders.
  • Develops initiatives that contribute to informing Greek society and raising awareness.
  • Creates tools and methodologies that support Organizations in adopting sustainable policies.
  • Contributes to the formation of the active citizens of tomorrow via its educational work
  • Develops scientific work to substantiate sustainability issues.

What we do

We shape the agenda of Sustainable Development in Greece
We work closely with all involving parties, BUSINESSES, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, CIVIL SOCIETY
We develop an extended dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders
We contribute to the further development of CSR & Sustainability programs and activities
We promote the best programs and actions that contribute to the Sustainable FUTURE OF GREECE
We contribute to the creation of a sustainability culture in our country
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